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P'Noang is the Shop Manager and is responsible for Sales and Stock at the shop. He is the face to the customer and makes phone calls when products arrive from Europe and USA.

He has the Shop Hotline : 0808-01-2088 

Khun Tum is the expert when it comes to Landscaping and Track Design. He the Chief Technical and Modification Expert from Maerklin to Fleischmann to Roco. He is the main person behind and a founding member of Siam Locomotive.

He advises Zug Haus on all products from the US.

Khun Poon is our expert when it comes to European Train History and Details of Car Lines and Coach Numbering. He is also the founding member of the Siam Locomotive Brand which is only sold at Zug Haus

He advises Zug Haus on all products from  Europe.

This is Khun Martin, the Owner of Zug Haus. He takes care of ordering products from the manufacturer and handles all finances at the shop.

Motto: "If you want to have it, I can find it for you !"